GamerSec is an online infosec community for those interested in video games. It’s a place to discuss and play video games with others in the industry. We have weekly game nights for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND (PUBG), Blizzard games, and more.

To participate we have a Google Groups ( and a Discord channel ( If you have trouble with getting setup on either platform you can email
Right now we’re mainly video game based. The group could move into console and board based games. We just need someone willing to step up and lead that initiative. Likewise, if someone wants to coordinate other games like League of Legions we just need someone to step up. Nick Jacob is currently heading up the World of Warcraft initiative on the Eonar server, Horde side (For the Horde!). 
Come have fun, blow off steam and make some new friends in the infosec community.

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