GrrCON is an information security and hacking conference that provides the Midwest InfoSec community with a fun atmosphere to come together and engage with like minded people. GrrCON is relatively small with around 1,500 attendees to allow for those things other events leave out. Whether you are a Fortune 500 executive, security researcher, industry professional, student, or a hacker, you will find something for you at GrrCON.
#misec speakers include J Wolfgang Goerlich, Joel Cardella, InfoSystir, Zee Abdelnabi, Hilary Louise, Ray Davidson, and more. Also, come see us at the #misec booth. While you’re in the sponsor area, visit the MiC3 booth to learn more about the Michigan Cyber Civilian Corps.
After seeing some talks, be sure to check out some of the villages. There are four villages this year; open hacking, IoT, car, and enterprise (formally the CTF equipment). There will be other CTFs as well if you’re interested in that.
It’s an HP Lovecraft theme this year, costumes are encouraged! So toss off the black hoodie, put down the red crowbar, and Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtag.

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